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WordPress Support


Our WordPress Support Service will provide you with –

 WordPress Updates  Backups to offsite storage  Security clean up  Visitor Traffic Monitoring
 Monitor Plugin Updates  File Restore  Live Security Monitoring  Real Time View
 Theme Updates  Full site restoration  Malicious file cleanup  Visitor history

WordPress Support Services

Do you have the time and resource to keep your WordPress website secure, up to date and backed up? Do you know real time who is visiting your site?

Some 70 million+ websites on the Internet are now run on WordPress. The drawback of this is it attracts attention from unwanted sources. Security is now paramount for WordPress sites along with a backup system and traffic management. Our WordPress Maintenance package will ensure you stay online, up-to-date, backed up and secure and let you see the traffic to your site.

Avoid the problems of being black listed by search engines from malware attacks with the security of having a team of professionals to put you back online in the event of any problems.

It is estimated that some 30,000 sites get hacked every single day. This at best leaves you with no website and at worst can get you blacklisted from Google for having a website that contains ‘malware’. Continual security monitoring, software updates and a regular offsite backup policy will protect your site and give you the peace of mind that it can be restored quickly if the worst happens. Measuring and monitoring the traffic coming to your website is crucial to understand how to improve it. Knowing where your visitors are coming from and how they are using your website is critical to make sure you are getting the best out of your site.  

Service Details

WordPress Core Theme & Plugin Updates We will update your core WordPress installation plugins and themes. We will check weekly for any updates. We will make sure you’re backed up before updating. All updates will be tested on an ‘offline’ clone of your site to make sure they are compatible and work.(NOTE – any updates will be done on a clone of the site first to ensure they work. Issues found due to modified themes may require extra chargeable work.)
Scheduled Weekly Offsite Backups Never worry about losing your site or data again. We schedule a weekly backup to secure offsite storage. This is a complete backup of the site which we can restore everything from. We can also provide Daily backups at extra cost.
Site Restoratation We will restore your site from the latest Backup upon request.
Security Monitoring & Cleanup Your site will be safe and secure with daily security scans and monitored logins. We look for any changes to files or malicious login attempts.
Traffic Monitoring We will provide LIVE traffic reporting which will show you visitor numbers and how they are using your site. You can access this 24×7 from any web browser.


WordPress Maintenance- Pay Monthly

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WordPress Maintenance – Pay Annually

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