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Social Media

Posted by in on February 15, 2015

Social Media Marketing

Can you afford to ignore a potential visitor audience of over 4 Billion people? This is the number of people using just the ‘Big Four’ social networking sites, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

These are your customers.

Social Media is all about people sharing and discussing things that interest them. In a search engine your website is listed and you hope that people type in the correct words to display your listing along with nine other listings on each page, and then they click on your particular entry. This can be very hit and miss.

With Social Media you can target people who are already interested in what you do with interesting and relevant content which if you keep fresh and updated they will return to regularly read.

There are many Social platforms, so which ones do you use? How do you create a profile for each one. How do you build followers. And most importantly do you have the time to add content regularly that will engage these followers?

This is where my Social Media service comes in. I will take away all the heavy lifting for you by building the channels that are relevant for your business and add content on a regular basis.

I offer a Social Media Marketing service providing –

– Build the Social accounts
– Build followers
– Researching and identifying relevant and trending topics
– Posting to the Social Accounts

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