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Posted by in on April 9, 2015


Optimising your website to be on the first page of Google search results for as many relevant keywords as possible is critical for your success with an online presence.

Where do people go to find things today? Google! This search engine serves up around 80% of all internet searches. The difference between page 1 and lower pages in the number of clicks going to your web sites is enormous and the difference between being in the top 5 on the first page and positions 6 to 10 is also enormous. So you have to try to aim to get as many of your key terms in the first 5 positions of page 1 in Google as you can. Take a look at this article in the blog on Google Rankings Versus Traffic to see this demonstrated.

What is involved?

*  Extensive Market, Competitor and Keyword research
*  Adapting the site structure to re-enforce the Keywords
Website optimisation – adjusting text, alt tags, meta tags
*  Removing any duplicate content issues, building correct sitemaps
*  Setting up monitoring and reporting

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Link Audit, Monitoring and Building

External Links are crucial to getting a website ranked. The best optimised website will never rank if it has no external links pointing back to it.

However the links now have to be of good and relevant quality and need to have a balanced ‘anchor text’ profile (the text you click to go to another page). Google have increased the reach of their monitoring systems and will heavily penalise websites that they believe have poor links pointing to them or appear to be ‘forcing’ a particular keyword through its links. Take a look at this article about the Google Penguin Update.

What is involved?

* Research and find external links pointing to website
* Analyse links to get a link anchor text profile
* Analyse links to find ‘spammy’ links
* Get bad links removed
* Build new links to re-shape the anchor text profile

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Pay Per Click Management

Need to run an Adwords campaign? If you are in a hurry to get onto page 1 of Google then you can ‘advertise’ using Google Adwords to achieve this.

What is involved?

* Keyword research
* Competition analysis
* Account setup
* Monitoring and reporting

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An Example of a typical engagement to work on improving a websites performance in acquiring and converting visitors would consist of –

Phase 1 –

Initial meeting with client to understand their business and where the websites fits into this

– What is the website for (selling goods, lead generation, list building..)
– What does the business do and what words best describe this
– Who are the top 5 competitors
– What geographic areas does the business cover (local, national, international..)
– Setting up access to various tools to look at performance of the website
– Setting a base line to work from and measuring the performance

Phase 2 –

Research market based on details above and build model of competitors main key terms

Perform initial audit of site –

– How does it compare to competitors for keyword layout
– Structure of site
– Technical aspects of site

Phase 3 –

Bring the site into line with competitors for the keywords
Correct structure and technical issues

Phase 4 –

Build external link portfolio
Work on removing bad links and building good links

Phase 5 –

Monitor changes on overall website performance and goal performance
“rinse and repeat”