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Blog Writing

Posted by in on April 9, 2015

Blog Writing

To build strong traffic to your website you need to do more than just rely on traffic from the websites pages. You need a continual stream of fresh, interesting content that people looking in your niche will want to read and keep them coming back for more.

Think of a Newspaper or a monthly Magazine. Would you buy it each day or month if the content was the same?

This poses a challenge for even the most hardened of website owners. Generating new, fresh, relevant content is not easy and takes time. Time which you should be using to run the business.

Writing content from scratch takes a lot of time. Coming up with a subject, researching it and writing around a 1000 words is not something to be taken lightly on a regular basis.

The alternative is to Curate content from other sources. Think of this like the news. There is one piece of news but it is reported by a huge number of Papers, Magazines, Journals, Websites and other medium.

In the same way you can take a particular topic relevant to your own niche, find some good content around it and use some of that content in your own version. This is called Curation.

The important thing is to add your own voice to the article and not to just copy the complete article you are curating from. So you will normally introduce the topic in your own words, add some content from an article with a link to allow the reader to go and read the full article, and perhaps add content from other relevant articles to add further interest. This would then be finished with a summary and conclusion again in your own words.

This type of content will get ranked in the search engines relatively easily and will help build authority for your own site.

Blog Writing and Curation Service

I offer a full Blog Curation service providing –

  • – Editorial calendar; what topics are to be published when
  • – Researching and identifying relevant content
  • – Curating the content for each topic
  • – Submitting the draft article for editorial and approval by the client

I provide this via my online portal which our clients have secure access to. They can then review and edit the articles. Articles will only go live once the client is happy with them.

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